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Recession proof job?

Pin It Now! CBS was doing a report on the recession and companies that are laying off and the asked "IS ANY COMPANY OUT THERE DOING WELL?? Would any of you have guessed...MARY KAY COSMETICS!!!!!? Check it out for yourself:


If anyone is interested in making a little money on the side or starting up a full-time business of your own just let me know. I've sold Mary Kay for three years now and could give you some great pointers to get started with.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are finding the MK experience a good one. I am also a part-time (if even that)'Beauty consultant' and have enjoyed learning and growing as a person because of the influence of people like Mary Kay Ash and Rena Tarbet. They are the original pioneers that had the vision that some of today's leaders (in MK) get askew. Because of that, you can expect to get a certain amount of negative feedback from the bashers who have heard of the, lets say, 'excessive' side of the business. I hope you do well with your blog and help to untarnish the MK image in the eyes of the non believers, lol. It's been life changing for me just to be exposed to the inspiration of the aforementioned ladies. I don't even 'sell' on any kind of regular basis- because that's not who I am and not what I got into the business for. But I am eternally grateful for all that I've learned about being a strong woman via the MK training and seminars.

Much, much well wishes to you!

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