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Free Greenies dog or cat dental chew!

Pin It Now! Greenies® would love to give you you - or rather your pet - a free sample of their Greenies® dog or cat dental chews. Fill out a simple form and mailing information and they'll send you an appropriate Greenies® sample for your dog or cat FREE! Plus, if you say that you give your dogs medication through pill form they'll send you an additional product to hide your pet's pill in before giving it to them. Our dog loves her heart worm pill so this was just an extra treat for her. Two great treats for your pet absolutely free. You can even get $1 off coupon for Greenies® with each friend you refer!

U.S. residents click here. One sample per household. Canadian visitors, please click here.

This picture is of my dear friend's shaggy pup. : )


Anonymous said...

Cute pic and thanks for the freebie!

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