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Uggs 80% Off Sale!

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ugg boots

UPDATE: The website is loading slowly, but it does load so be patient. I guess everyone is taking advantage of these great deals!

I know it's still warm and sunny in most places but cooler weather will be here before you know it. We all know how pricey Uggs can be so here is an opportunity to get them on sale! There are Uggs on sale for men, women, & children. Take a look at 6pm.com and let me know if you find a really sweet deal.

I'm a fan of these Layback flip flops on sale for $16! (80% off retail of $80)

Aren't these the sweetest little shoes for $10! (80% off retail of $50)


Heather said...

Ashley!! Thank you so much for posting the Ugg sale :-) I just got 4 pairs of flip-flops and 7 pair of baby booties for $135!! Incredible deals, but you are right - the website was really really slow. THANKS!!

lilin said...

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