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Tebow's Super Bowl Ad

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Seriously? THIS is what the feminists were getting their knickers in a twist over? When I saw the ad I thought that they made him change it and cut out the offensive part but no, this was it...this was what people considered offensive? Unbelievable!


gail said...

All you have to do is mention Focus on the Family and the pro-abortion crowd gets their knickers in a twist.

Anonymous said...

That was it? Oh my goodness! How would that offend anyone?

Brittany said...

LOL. Yeah, people over react like crazy!!! I heart the Tebow family. :)

Kathy said...

I know. I was so excited to see this and was so disappointed. I can't believe people were upset. People who don't know what focus on the family is, didn't even notice. I don't even think that's what they are all about, it's just something they are about. I really can not believe how blown up this was. This was not offensive to anyone. Now I know why the station allowed it and not the one for the gay dating site. Big difference.

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