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How to Make Your Own Hanger Sachets

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Martha Stewart has the details on how to make hanger sachets to keep your closet smelling sweet!

Here are the materials needed:
-14-by-20-inch piece of loose-weave, breathable fabric, such as fine cotton gauze
-Bone folder or chopstick
-1/4-inch linen tape
-Cedar blocks or muslin pouches filled with lavender

Visit Martha Stewart and follow her 5 simple steps to make your own hanger sachets. Not only would these be great for your own closets but wouldn't they be great for a Mother's Day gift too!


Carly said...

Sweet, Ive always wondered how to make these. Love the smell they put off.

MrsAshley said...

I'm glad it could be useful. I could spend hours upon hours are Martha Stewart's site. :)

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