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Free Pair of Hearos Ear Plugs

Pin It Now! Hearos Free Earplugs
Before you do anything, turn off your computer's sound! Ironic, huh? The Hearos website will talk to you and I want to save you from the mini-heart attack that I just had. Now, back to that Free pair of Hearos Ear Plugs. You can get them in your choice of Original Hearos, Xtreme Hearos, or Sleep Pretty in Pink (my favorite) simply by entering your email address. Fill out the form and they’ll send you an email immediately that you will need to open and click on the confirmation link. You should receive your sample within 14-21 days. Hearos is only giveaway 2,000 free each day starting at 9 am so log on early for your best chance at snagging a pair! Which ones will you choose?


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