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Help me Win Blizzards for a Year!

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Blizzard Free

Vote for my picture (found below) to help me win Dairy Queen Blizzards for a year. I'm a HUGE Dairy Queen fan and I think this Facebook contest is just for me. Here's an old picture of me and my friend in Dairy Queen eating our blizzards.

Free Blizzard Treat
To vote all you have to do is go to Dairy Queen's Facebook page and click the contest image logo on the front. From there click the red "View & Vote" and find this picture ---> under the Give Blizzard a Hug category. You can vote daily but voting once would be a very nice of you and to reward your kindness I want to give you an extra 5 entries in each of our giveaways. Plus, if you want to be extra nice and vote daily I'll give you an extra entry for each day you enter.


Anonymous said...

A HUGE Dairy queen fan? Is there any other kind?

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