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Pampered Toes on Sale for $2.99 +s/h

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GraveYardMall.com has a set of Pampered Toes for $2.99! I looooove these things and could go on forever about them but I'll let you read my review of Pampered Toes if you want more information on them. I bought my pair myself so this is not endorsed by the PedEgg company the least little bit. They normally retail for $9.99 but you can get a pair from GraveYardMall for $2.99 + shipping. I love that you can always find quirky gifts and discounted spa products at GraveYardMall. They had a really great daily deal today where you could have got 10 pair of Mudd sunglasses for $9.99 but unfortunately they are already sold out.


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