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Ghd Hair Stylers: Beware of Fakes

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ghd styler

Ghd hair straighteners/stylers are undoubtedly awesome products! I own one, love it, and cherish it but not everyone who buys one (or what they think is a ghd) will be so pleased. I've seen TV episodes and read numerous blog articles about ghd counterfeits and now I'm doing my small part to warn everyone how dangerous these counterfeits can be.

Due to the poor quality construction and lack of safety checks, these fakes may cause hair damage, electrocution, and serious burns. I don't think any woman or young girl should risk the chance of life long scars for pretty hair.

To help tell us out, http://www.ghdhair.com/ has a "Beware of Fakes" section of their site dedicated to helping us discern the difference between the true product and the shoddy imitation. If you already own a ghd styler you can register it on their website to confirm that it is a genuine ghd product. If you are looking to buy a ghd styler only buy from their website or from one of their authorized salons.

By the way, if you are interested in purchasing a ghd styler, check out these awesome new pink ghd ones. You know how I love pink!


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