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Wedding Gifts Ideas

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My best friend is getting married soon and even though she's very busy planning her dream wedding I also have a big to-do list. Being in the bridal party means that I have to assist in the wedding planning, plan the bridal shower, and keep the bride calm. We both live in different states so this makes planning a little more difficult but thanks to the internet we've been able to "shop" together a number of times.

I kind of panicked the other day when I realize that in addition to my bridal party duties I also have to buy her and/or them a gift. I've been searching "wedding gifts for bride" all day and I think I'm more confused now than when I started.

Here are a few ideas that I'm tossing around. What do you think?

- A basket with a funny wedding movie, popcorn, and candy for a girl's night.
- A fluffy monogrammed robe.
- A *Surname* Family Established 2012 wooden wall calendar.
- A spa gift certificate.
- A pocket size digital camera.

There are so many great wedding gifts out there and only a few months to decide on the perfect one! If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.


Sarah said...

I don't know...I mean, if she's your BEST friend, I think you should get her something really nice, maybe something off of her registry, the monogrammed robe is a good idea, but you should do one for each of them, or two sets of monogrammed towels, unless this is JUST for her, and you plan to also give a wedding gift. IMO the bridal shower gift should be more personalized, and can even be smaller, but there needs to be a wedding gift that's something for THEM or their household to help get them started.

MrsAshley said...

Oh yes, I'm sorry! I meant that this will be on top of their gift. I'm hoping that their gift will be one that I can easily choose off their registry.

Thank you for your comment. For some reason two monogrammed robes never dawned on me!

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