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TOMS “One Day Without Shoes” Event April 10th, 2012

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  One Day Without Shoes  

TOMS Shoes

You've heard of TOMS Shoes, right?  These uber popular shoes are more than just fashionable and comfortable - they are giving!  The TOMS company operates a not for profit called Friends of TOMS, which provides a new pair of shoes to someone in need for each pair that is sold.  These donated shoes are given to children in need who would otherwise remain barefoot. One for One!

One Day Without Shoes

toms one day 

One for One generates awareness to the challenges of shoeless children by promoting a program called One Day Without Shoes. OneDayWithoutShoes is a grassroot, social media fueled (feel free to share this post!) effort to challenge supporters to go without wearing their shoes for an entire day. The upcoming One Day Without Shoes event will kick off on April 10, 2012. Shoeless people going about their daily routine draws attention to the challenges for these children and the opportunity to help them through the One for One program.  Over 500 schools and 1400 companies will join in the effort!

TOMS & Autism United

TOMS has also partnered with Autism United so that every pair of shoes purchased through Autism United's website will not only give a pair of shoes to a child in a developing country but also a portion of the proceeds will go toward Autism awareness efforts.  If you would like to join with them, visit Autism United today, get your TOMS shoes coupon code, and purchase a pair of TOMS shoes for yourself!


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