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Fall Savings

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With Fall in full swing and the heat of Summer past, it's the time of year to tackle any outdoor or remodeling project.  It's the best time for lawn reseeding (or so I'm told).  It's also a great time to pressure wash and stain your deck.  That's the project my family has in store us.  We've tried to save the bigger projects for a time when it's cool out so we won't be sweating to death.  I don't mind working in the heat but my husband hates it so we compromise and do outdoor work at the beginning of fall while it's still in the 70's.  We're also hoping to clean the siding on our house, trim shrubs, add mulch, replace our mailbox with a new one and paint a cute "W" on it.

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest, as are many, many others and I've been gathering a ton of great ideas for outdoor renovation projects {Not to mention the crafts, recipes, & indoor renovations too!}.  Feel free to follow me and check out all the cool pins I've found.  I have dreams of adding onto our deck, building a dog house, adding a little pond, planting trees, and creating a lush garden surrounding our yard.  We'll probably move before any of these dreams become a reality but it's still a nice thought.  I guess it's still handy to have these ideas in one place for our next house too.  Do you have any outdoor projects planned for this fall?

I like to try to save when I buy anything but sometimes I forget that home and garden stores take coupons too.  I just wanted to remind you that if you have plans in store for this Fall that include shopping for outdoor supplies you might want to remember to print some coupons from Home Depot first.


Shelley said...

Thank you for the coupon reminder. I bought pumpkin seeds, strawberry plants, & a small lemon tree @ Home Depot in the summer & I was just thinking about going back soon to look for more veggies & fruits to grow in my backyard!

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