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4 Ways to Spend Less This Christmas

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We're all looking for ways to cut back, penny pinch, and stretch a buck.  If we're not careful though the Christmas season will come and go and we'll be left with a load of unwanted debt.  Here are a few practical suggestions to help keep more merry in your Christmas!

4 Ways to Spend Less This Christmas:

1.) Plan a Pollyanna  What do Pollyannas, Secret Santas, and White Elephants have in common? They're all types of gift exchanges where you only have to buy one gift instead of several.  Plan one of these fun events with your friends and family in place of traditional gift giving and everyone will save money.  {For extra savings, make sure you search online for coupon codes for the one gift you do buy.}

2.) Bake it Yourself  Everyone enjoys homemade treats, right? For a crowd-pleasing homemade gift, my advice is to go the extra step and make something edible. Trust me, if you're giving them something delicious that you spent time on, they won't even think about the money you spent on it, they'll just be thrilled to be getting something so yummy!  It might be a good idea to include the recipe inside too because you know they'll be messaging you for it later, anyway.

3.) Buy Joint Gifts  To me, there's nothing quite as satisfying as giving someone exactly what they want!  This feeling is indescribable but it is fleeting while your credit card bill will remain.  If you can't afford what's at the top of somebody's list, consider suggesting to another friend or family member to go in with you on it.  The recipient  will be glad you did and the other gift givers probably will too!

4.) Call it a Potluck!  This just makes sense to me.  Let everyone participate in the Christmas festivities by inviting friends and family over for a potluck.  You supply the main dish, dinner table, napkins, decorations etc. and ask your friends to bring the side dishes and desserts.  Everyone gets to feel the joy of contributing and the host doesn't feel overwhelmed with work.


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