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Questions & Answers by Real Moms!

Pin It Now! The one thing that I have learned in my short years on this earth is that life is full of questions! As your little one get older you'll have more and more questions to fill your mind. Are dealing with things such as potty training, good eating habits, and discipline?

Mom Central recently spread the word about a great website that is easy to use and very helpful! It is called Mamapedia and it is literally a Mom encyclopedia filled with answers for anything and everything you have ever asked about parenting!

Mamapedia works just like any other search engine. You type in your question and up pops several different links. The only difference is that the links are to actual answers from moms who have been there and done that! You can find out what has really worked for other moms and what you should avoid. You can even organize your searches by the age of your children.

This is definitely the place to go the next time you feel the need to "google" "potty training advice" or "tangly hair"!


Algebra Teacher said...

Just visiting from the blog link-a-thon at Momdot. Nice site! I'm #29 and 30.

Staci said...

I'll have to check out the site. (Seems I'm always looking for advice on one thing or another!)

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