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Pin It Now! I'm very honored to be nominated for a Love! This Site Award from DivineCaroline. And I'd be honored if you would please vote for me in the "Careers and Money" category. You do need to login or register to vote, but it only takes a quick minute I promise! Look for the tan "Vote!" button beside the picture of my page.

I love to share my freebies, coupons, money saving tips and giveaways with my readers to help make their lives just a little more beautiful. It's a great feeling to get recognized for doing what I love. Thank you!

Vote for Me 2010 Face of e.l.f.

We all know beauty has no age limit and now e.l.f. is giving all of us the chance to prove it! They have teamed up with ExploreModeling.com to launch a nationwide casting call for the new Face of e.l.f. 2010! Women anywhere from 15 to 40+ years of age are encouraged to enter!

I know this is a long shot but I've entered to be the 2010 Face of e.l.f. I could win a trip to New York or $1,000 so I figure it's worth the shot, right? You can vote for me once daily if you wish. I'll even throw in an extra entry to all of my giveaways for each vote for 2010 Face of e.l.f and Love! This Site Award. Thank you!


Print Brochures | Jarmaine said...

Good Luck with both of those contests! That's a cool prize for being the new face of e.l.f. a trip to New York wow! Do they have only one winner for the entire contest or do they break it down into different age groups?

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