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What Color Bra Are You Wearing?

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Photo by f i Я a s

Are you one of the many people puzzled recently by the colored Facebook statuses?

Rest easy, I have the info!

Each color status messages refer to the color bra your female Facebook friend is wearing. Why you ask? It's all a part of a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. It is to get people talking about breast cancer, going to their doctor for examinations, & doing at home self-examinations. There's no word yet on the origin of the campaign but what a fun way to spread the word around the world!

This is also suppose to be a girls-only secret, so shhh don't tell! : )


mudmama said...

Someone sent me that notification today. I should go do it, too! :)

mudmama said...

Thanks for your comment too!
I ended up posting "flesh colored" because it is late and I am in my jammies ;)

littledeadmommy said...

I had no idea about it until a friend posted a color...and that friend is a guy. lol.

Mrsblogalot said...

Won't tell!! Swear!

But thanks for sharing!

ed hardy said...


Deborah Meza Punta said...

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