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The Benefits of Mint.com

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For the long-time personal finance guru's this topic of interest might be repetitive to you, but for the newbies who are seeking order from financial chaos, Mint.com is the latest technology in budget maintenance.

Mint.com is an online personal financial and budget management service designed to help people meet their financial goals through a user-friendly website. Over one million people use this free site to manage their budget, pay bills and get education on saving money, tax returns, free tax prep, loan payments, and investments. The site is safe and secure and offers specific guidance for anyone using the service while still allowing them to remain completely anonymous.

Mint.com lets people see exactly what they are doing with their money. It offers fun quizzes to help people choose and open the best IRA for them. It includes online budgeting tools to track current spending and set budget goals. It compares bank accounts, credit cards, CD, brokerage, and 401(k) products to find the most appropriate and cost effective option for each user. It connects all accounts in one central location. Regardless of the services someone chooses to use on Mint.com, they can all be accessed via any web browser. Mint.com can also send time-critical email and text message alerts to pre-established telephone numbers or email addresses.

One unique feature on Mint.com not commonly found on other financial planning websites is their blog section. This section, MintLife, offers an entire portion of the site dedicated to providing financial news and advice. Common topics include getting out of debt, housing, retirement, student life, becoming wealthy, frugal living, employment, and the economy.

Mint.com offers all of these services, and many more, for no fee. It does not require the installation of any special software and can be set up in as little as five minutes. Once the account is set up, adding or deleting account options and features is only a click away.


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