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Update: After I submitted my first email I was given a smile.ly referral link to share. :)

Have you signed up for Smile.ly? I've heard it’s a program similar to BzzAgent which I'm a big fan of! They offer you free product samples (or full size products) in exchange for your review/word-of-mouth marketing. I just signed up for Smile.ly and I was told that I can refer up to 5 people and for each one I refer I'll get a Smile. While I'm not sure what a Smile means I'm assuming it's good. If you want to join Smile.ly leave your email in the comment section and I'll add the first five email addresses I get.


Amy, a lady in waiting said...

artzamy23 at gmail dot com

MrsAshley said...

Thanks, Amy! I submitted your name so you should receive an email from them shortly. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Ashley! Sounds like a good site to try out! logicat41@yahoo.com

Christine Vaughn said...


MrsAshley said...

Thanks guys! I've sent you both invitations too. Let me know what you think of the company once you get to know them a little.

Dorothy said...

I'd like to try the site out if I'm not too late! rubyslippersoz00@gmail.com

Judy said...


MrsAshley said...

No, not at all. Thanks! :)

Dorothy said...

Thank you Ashley! My email address doesn't look quite right posted. If you submit my email... FYI: that's two zero's before the @ sign.

MrsAshley said...

Ooh, thanks Dorothy! I'll resend it.

Kelly Stocks said...

Hi Ashley,

I'm Kelly from Smile.ly. Thanks so much for posting about us and sharing the invites! You rock. Were you able to sign up for the Snikiddy mission? Also, would you be interested in hosting a giveaway for your readers? Let me know!

Thanks again :)

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