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Fashion Lenses

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Fashion lenses come in a variety of colors, tints, statement prints and quirky designs! Have you seen anyone wearing them? You may have and not have known it! You can find contact lenses online with several different retailers who carry a broad variety of lenses available.

Colored lenses are fun for those who like to make a statement, as they are available in vibrant greens, blue and aqua shades. Of course there are the natural colors that allow the wearer to create a natural look with added details to create an elegant style for a daytime occasion.

If you want to change your look just slightly then this is the way to do it! You may have trouble deciding which shade to choose because they seem come in every color of the rainbow. They may even have a rainbow design...I wonder?

Patterned lenses might be great for a party or night on the town. They offer a statement style that screams ‘look at me!’ and adds a little oomph to any outfit. This might be a fun addition to a Halloween costume. Have you seen the white out contact lenses before? They kinda creep me out! Don't forget, patterned lenses need to be looked after just like any other set of lenses.

This care includes cleansing and rinsing the contact lenses after each wear and you should also disinfect the lenses in order to get rid of the daily dirt, make up, and dust that may become attached to the lens throughout the day. An easier option is to choose one day disposable lenses rather than soft lenses that can be worn more than once.

If you had to choose, which color would you pick? I think I would go with a deep purple. : )


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