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Summer is Coming!

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Starting today I am counting down to summer. There is exactly 123 days until summer 2012 begins! It starts on Thursday, June 21 2012. I. can't. wait!

Today we got our first taste of warm weather. It wasn't the summer temperatures I yearn for but I'll take sixty degree weather any day in winter. It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed it immensely. My family and visiting in-laws enjoyed a nice relaxing walk in the sun. While on our walk we passed a girl scout selling cookies by the road that we just had to buy. It was a clever marketing strategy, I'll give her that!

I am all ready for the summer sun. I've already bought my little girl a cute bathing suit, bright nail polish, a sun hat and comfy sandal shoes. All she needs now is an inflatable swimming pool and summer's warm rays. In case you're wondering, yes, I'll post pictures of my cute bathing beauty for you all to see!

Obviously, summer is my favorite season but what's yours? Do you love summer as much as I do?
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becky said...

I love being in a state where we get all 4 seasons but I have to say I love fall - the colors, the crisp air, hay rides and the build up to the holiday season!

Danielle said...

I think spring is my favorite - it's warmer but not too warm but not too cold....perfect.. :)

Laura108 said...

I can't wait for Summer Thank you for making me think of it and I so need a new pair of sandles :)


I live at the Jersey Shore and can't wait for summer to arrive!! It is truly my favorite season. I love endless days on the beach, fun nights at the boardwalk and OOh, those Wildwood Days....wild, wild, wild, wood days, oh baby, every day's a holiday and every night is a Saturday night...sorry, I got carried away...that's my favorite "summer jingle"... LOL

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