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Take Advantage of Floor Space

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Who doesn't like to save on space when they don't have much to work with? A great way to maximize space in a room, especially a children's room is by using a twin over full bunk bed. This gives you a nice sized bed on the bottom, plenty of head room and a twin sized bed on the top. This easily accommodates three children or one adult and one child in case of company. In addition to the twin over full bunk bed style of bunk beds you can also find a great selection that include another pull out bed beneath the full. This is great if you have guests or if the children have a sleep over.

Using twin over full bunk beds to maximize the space in your child's room is a terrific way to free up valuable floor space. Take some time to shop around to find the style that you really like for the room. You can find these in a log cabin style bed and even a metal frame. There are some other great advantages to having a twin over full bunk bed in your child's room. They can be comfortable in a full sized bed and use the top twin bunk for storage of stuffed animals and the like until they have guests over. This is one way to keep the space organized.

When you are shopping for your twin over full bunk bed make sure that you get the child's input. This will instill a sense of pride in them over their bed and they will be more likely to take good care of it. Assembly of most of these beds is very easy and instructions are supplied. This being said, like most jobs, it is easier with more than one person tackling the job. Make sure you are careful to secure all of the connections and enjoy the new found floor space.


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