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All Earring and Supplies Shop

Pin It Now! It's my sincere pleasure to introduce you to AllEarringAndSupplies shop. This etsy shop will excite and inspire you!

Where do you go when you need the right supplies to make gorgeous jewelery? Here is THE site to meed all your jewelry making needs.

Here's my interview with AllEarringsAndSupplies' owner, Toni.

What inspired you to open your shop?Jewelery Supplies
I enjoy being crafty, and jewelry making actually pushes my creativity buttons. I sell supplies because when I was making jewelry, I had such an over abundance of supplies, I thought I really needed to move some of these supplies to make room for new things. When I put my supplies on my site, they started selling quicker than I could put new things on, so, I figured maybe I should sell supplies instead. So, here I am.

What's your favorite piece of jewelery to wear?
As for wearing jewelry, the funny thing is, I can't. I am allergic to metal. But, I can appreciate a beautiful piece of jewelry just as much as the next person.

What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
My favorite items in my shop tend to be the Swarovski Crystals. Anything with these crystals in it. I sell a lot of loose crystals as well as elements that have many Swarovski crystals in them, such as, toggle, clasp, drop, link etc. I also love my cameos of vintage looking flowers and ladies etc.

Earring SuppliesDo you still make jewelery?
As it turns out, as much as I enjoy making jewelry, I absolutely love beads. I love the colors, the feel, the textures. I love seeing what someone has made from something I have sold them. I enjoy adding new things to my site and see how people react.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I love the aspect of talking to people with ideas and them sending me photos of what they are working on, or advise of a particular bead, whether it would work for what they are doing or not. I just love the contact with the people who buy my products.

I hope you'll check out AllEarringsandSupplies and get inspired to make something beautiful!


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