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Rubbermaid Food Storage w/ Easy Find Lids Review

Pin It Now! Rubbermaid Set ReviewIt's a little late for spring cleaning, but Rubbermaid and SheSpeaks gave me a set of their storage containers to review. Believe me, storage containers are not all created equal! I enjoyed donating our old containers and throwing away our heavily used containers. It felt great to empty and organize that cabinet. Plastic containers no longer fall out when we open the door. Some are overly decorative while others are strictly utilitarian. Now that I've used Rubbermaid Food Storage Kit with Easy Find Lids, I can't imagine using anything else to help organize my cabinets and closets.

Rubbermaid Storage Specifics:rubbermaid review locking lids
  • Lids snap to base bottom and to each other
  • Bases and lids nest inside each other
  • Easy to keep organized
  • Square shape makes organization easy
  • Clear base for easy viewing of contents
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe
  • Two .5-cup containers with lids
  • Two 1.25-cup containers with lids
  • Two 2-cup containers with lids
  • Two 3-cup containers with lids
  • Two 5-cup containers with lids
  • Two 7-cup containers with lids
  • Functionality: Rubbermaid Easy Fit Lids have a special snap that helps when stacking unused containers. I can stuff anything from craft items, batteries, office supplies, and of course food inside and can snap it shut with ease. With the lids secured, I can stack several containers without worrying about them falling down.

    Appearance: These are the cutest Rubbermaid containers I've seen. These new Rubbermaid Food Storage containers are made of thick, rigid, clear plastic with swirls on the sides. The lid even has a little see through window so I can see what's inside at a glance. They look very neat when filled and stacked together and of course these new containers fit together great when empty too.

    Overall, Rubbermaid Snaptoppers Storage Containers help me keep my cabinets & fridge organized. They've proven to be durable and endlessly useful. Simply fill, snap, and stack your way to a more functional and organized home. I'm tempted to buy another set and get rid of all my mismatched containers.


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